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(Alger, WA) 9/14/13 by Kelly Hart

Skagit Speedway crowned four division champions tonight to wrap up the 2013 racing season. Travis Jacobson won the main event and wrapped up the season championship in the 410 Sprint division. It was two championships in a row for Steve Parker in the Sportsman Sprint cars. With 8 main event wins on the season Rick Young captured both the main event and championship for the Outlaw Tuners. Kelsey Carpenter picked up his third track title but first in the 360 division with the main event win.

The Scramble winners were Eric Fisher in the 410’s, Carpenter in the 360’s, Cory Swatzina for the Sportsman Sprints and Rick Young in the Outlaw Tuners. Fast times were set by Kenny Rutz for the 360’s with an 11.700 and Devin Barnes for the Sportsman at 12.905.

SCRAMBLE 7s Eric Fisher, 18 Travis Jacobson, 7 Kevin Smith, 55 Trey Starks, 88 Jesse Whitney, 2j Jonathan Jorgenson, 23 Steve Parker
MAIN 18 Travis Jacobson, 7s Eric Fisher, 55 Trey Starks, 7 Kevin Smith, 88 Jesse Whitney, 23 Steve Parker, 2j Jonathan Jorgenson
LAP LEADERS 18 Travis Jacobson 1-25
HARD CHARGER 18 Travis Jacobson

FAST TIME 8r Kenny Rutz 11.700
SCRAMBLE 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 33 Colton Heath, 29 Marc Huson, 42 Derek Roberts, 98 Matt Jensen, 50 Michael Bollinger, 4b Cale Brooke, 29w Steve James
MAIN 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 33 Colton Heath, 40 Brock Lemley, 29 Marc Huson, 98 Matt Jensen, 8r Kenny Rutz, 8d Mack Brown, 87 Liam Ryan, 9a Luke Didiuk, 50 Michael Bollinger, 57 Bud Ashe, 42m Alan Munn, 27z Zeth Custer, 42 Derek Roberts, 29w Steve James, 4b Cale Brooke
LAP LEADERS 79k Kelsey Carpenter 1-25
HARD CHARGER 8d Mack Brown

FAST TIME 22d Devin Barnes 12.905
SCRAMBLE 2s Cory Swatzina, 23 Steve Parker, 0 Tyler Fox, 33 Bill Rude, 46 Zach McCabe, 57 James Bundy, 8s Clayton Sibley, 68 Ben Gunderson
MAIN 23 Steve Parker, 2 Cory Swatzina, 0 Tyler Fox, 46 Zach McCabe, 33 Bill Rude, 57 James Bundy, 68 Ben Gunderson, 22d Devin Barnes, 9b Paul Burdick, 8s Clayton Sibley, 13a Ashley Lewellen, 9 Greg Otis, 15 Mike Murphy, 13g Glen Reinstra, 4x Jason Bloodgood
LAP LEADERS 23 Steve Parker 1-20
HARD CHARGER 23 Steve Parker

SCRAMBLE 71 Rick Young, 20 Travis Meins, 72 Brandon Berg, 81 Jon Gunderson, 77mr Clint Meins, k9 Becky Boudreau, 12 Tina Thibert, 29b Mark Toth
MAIN 71 Rick Young, 20 Travis Meins, 81 Jon Gunderson, 72 Brandon Berg, 24p Matt Ploeg, 77mr Clint Meins, k9 Becky Boudreau, 23 Cliff Ballenger, 89d Duane Warner, 03 Howard Vos, 68 Bud Ashe, 12 Tina Thibert, 11 Andy Dillon, 29b Mark Toth, 50 Jon Edwards, 29p Patrick Adams
LAP LEADERS 71 Rick Young 1-17
HARD CHARGER 23 Cliff Ballenger

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