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Schatz Continues Outlaw Dominance with Win at Skagit Speedway

Schatz Continues Outlaw Dominance with Win at Skagit Speedway
Schatz Continues Outlaw Dominance with Win at Skagit Speedway
Schatz Continues Outlaw Dominance with Win at Skagit Speedway

Alger, WA – Donny Schatz continued his dominant run with the World of Outlaw STP Sprint Car Series with a win tonight at Skagit Speedway on the Friday night edition of the Monster Energy Meltdown. The win was Schatz’s fourth straight with the series and second in a row at Skagit Speedway dating back to last year.

On the outset of the 25 lap a feature, Schatz and Cody Darrah went side by side through the first and second corner with Schatz taking the point solidly exiting turns three and four. From there, the field would try to run down the multiple time series champ, as Donny held a solid lead in clean air but would quickly see his advantage reduced as he approached slower cars. With the back of the field looming, Brad Sweet closed rapidly to the leader’s tail, rolling right up to Donny’s rear nerf before a red flag for fourth place running Darrah, fifth place running Shane Stewart and sixth place Kraig Kinser would give Donny open track once again with 16 laps complete. With clean air on his wing again, Schatz streaked away to a lead of over two seconds en route to his 18th win with the World of Outlaws on the year, 4th in a row and second straight at Skagit Speedway dating back to 2013. Kerry Madsen passed Sweet late for second place, relegating Sweet to a third place finish. Shane Stewart was the quick qualifier on the night. Jonathan Allard won the B Feature. Cody Darrah won the Dash. Heat winners were Schatz, Madsen and Darrah.

The Shipwreck Beads Modifieds were the support division on the night at Skagit Speedway and Craig Moore made some magic happen late race. After finding the top groove to his liking around halfway, Moore built up his momentum around the high groove and pulled even with race leader Lawrence O’Conner on lap 18 and into the lead on lap 19 en route to grabbing a thrilling win. O’Connor would take second after leading 18 of the 20 laps. David Wolford ran third. Heat winners were Kyler Moore and Todd Hardesty.

World of Outlaw STP Sprint Cars
Fast Time – Shane Stewart 11.173
Heat 1 – Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Shane Stewart, Brad Sweet, Jason Solwold, Brock Lemley, Logan Schuchart, Barry Martinez, Jesse Whitney
Heat 2 – Cody Darrah, Steve Kinser, Joey Saldana, Tayler Malsam, Trey Starks, Austen Wheatley, Jonathan Jorgenson, Skylar Gee, Jonathan Allard
Heat 3 – Kerry Madsen, Jason Sides, Paul McMahon, Kraig Kinser, David Gravel, Travis Rilat, Kevin Smith, Jacob Allen, Matt Jensen
Dash – Cody Darrah, Donny Schatz, Kerry Madsen, Brad Sweet, Tayler Malsam, Shane Stewart, Kraig Kinser, Joey Saldana
B Main – Jonathan Allard, Logan Schuchart, Barry Martinez, Jesse Whitney, Jacob Allen, Jonathan Jorgenson, Skylar Gee, Matt Jensen, Kevin Smith
A Main – Donny Schatz, Kerry Madsen, Brad Sweet, Joey Saldana, Paul McMahon, Tayler Malsam, Jason Solwold, Jason Sides, Daryn Pittman, Shane Stewart, David Gravel, Steve Kinser, Barry Martinez, Jesse Whitney, Brock Lemley, Jacob Allen, Jonathan Jorgenson, Cody Darrah, Kraig Kinser, Jonathan Allard, Austen Wheatley, Trey Starks, Travis Rilat, Logan Schuchart
Lap Leaders – Schatz 1-25

Shipwreck Beads Modifieds
Heat 1 – Kyler Moore, Lawrence O’Connor, Graham Cook, Dave Burns, Bryan Grey
Heat 2 – Todd Hardesty, Craig Moore, Mel Decker, David Wolford, David Bottoms
Main – Craig Moore, Lawrence O’Connor, David Wolford, Kyler Moore, Bryan Grey, Dave Burns, David Bottoms, Mel Decker, Graham Cook, Todd Hardesty
Lap Leaders – O’Connor 1-18 Moore 19-20

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